Beach Wedding Sound System

Beach Wedding Sound System

Sound Systems for Beach Weddings

One of the most popular places to get married these days is on a beach.  For most of us, these are destination weddings.  You and your family and friends spend a long weekend or even a whole week together at a beautiful location to celebrate your wedding.  We get plenty of people from the Pittsburgh region (which isn’t really known for our beaches) who take one of our sound systems with them to the beach.  Here are some considerations for your beach wedding audio rental.

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Powering a Sound System at the Beach

At most public beaches, you aren’t going to have access to an electrical outlet to power a traditional sound system.  There are two options:  a generator or a battery powered system.  A generator will allow you to run any of our systems and can be the best way to go if you are expecting a large crowd (over 100 people).  Anyone who has ever carried a generator across the beach will tell you that this is quite an undertaking.  You will also need to carry fuel (gasoline or diesel depending on the  unit) and may need to apply for permits to operate machinery on the beach.  The local beach patrol should be able to fill you in on the details.

In our experience, most of the beach weddings have an attendance of around 50 people.  Not as many people will be able to make the trip and it results in a more intimate gathering.  For events of this size, a battery powered system will be more than loud enough.  The systems that we use for these events are all in one units.  The mixer, speaker and battery are all built into one box.  The only cables that you will need to run are to any wired microphones you might need for your ceremony.

Preventing Wind Noise at the Beach

Anyone who has ever flown a kite can tell you that there is no better place for good constant wind than the beach.  This can be a terrible problem if you aren’t prepared for it.  On a normal day, most microphones are unusable at the beach due to the wind noise that they will pick up.  To mitigate this problem, we recommend the use of a heavy duty wind screen on all of your microphones.  The best ones that we’ve found can be seen here.  Yes they look silly, but they do the job in even the harshest conditions.