Black Light Rental

Black Light Rental

black light rental pittsburghBlack Light Rental

If you are looking for a unique lighting effect for your event, you should consider a black light rental from Pittsburgh Sound Rental.  Black Lights will illuminate any UV reactive object (most white clothing, teeth, and special materials) that passes in front of the light without making light on their own.
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Black Light Rental Ideas

UV-Reactive Gaffer Tape

This is a special tape that will glow with neon brightness under a black light.  Use it to decorate the space and when you turn the regular lights off and the black lights on, you’ll be amazed!


Most of the cheap, ordinary dollar store type glow sticks will react under black light conditions.

Black Light Reactive Plates and Utensils

Look for specially marked UV reactive plastic plates, cups, knives, and forks.  They will look normal until the black lights come on.