Disco Ball Rental

Disco Ball Rental

disco ball rental pittsburghDisco Ball Rental

One of the best ways to make your dance floor really shine is to rent a disco ball.  Disco balls aren’t just for 70’s theme parties – they go great anytime there is going to be dancing.  Our disco ball rental packages come with everything that you need to get that classic lighting effect.

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The Pittsburgh Disco Ball Rental Package comes with the following equipment:

  • Professional sized disco ball
  • Disco ball rotating motor
  • Pin spot lighting set

Disco Ball Rental Tips

You’ll want to mount the disco ball near the center of the dance floor for the best visual effect.  The motor needs to be securely fastened to a support structure and you’ll need to provide electrical power to the motor.  A 3 prong extension cord for a nearby outlet will do the trick.  Make sure that you put the pin spot somewhere where it won’t get blocked by dancers.  Also make sure that the pin spot isn’t in an area easily accessible by any children at the event.  The lights can get hot if they are left on for a long time.