Drum Set Rental

Drum Set Rental

drum rental pittsburghDrum Set Rental

If you are a traveling musician or just need to have a drum set for your upcoming event, we can help.  We offer professional quality drum set rentals for any event.

Call us at 412-315-8133 to customize a drum set rental  for your next event or simply email us here and we will get in touch with you soon!

Drum Set Rental Equipment List

We offer a wide variety of drum brands and hardware, but our standard setup consists of the following equipment:

Yamaha Stage Custom 5 Piece Drum Shell Kit

  • 22×14 Bass Drum
  • 16×16 Floor Drum
  • 12×10 Tom
  • 13×11 Tom
  • 14″ Snare Drum

Zildjian A Custom Cymbal Package

  • Zildjian A Custom 14″ Hi Hat Cymbal Pair
  • Zildjian A Custom 16″ Crash Cymbal
  • Zildjian A Custom 18″ Crash Cymbal
  • Zildjian A Custom 20″ Medium Ride

Complete Drum Hardware Kit

  • Snare Stand
  • High Hat Stand
  • Kick Drum Pedal
  • Cymbal Stands

cymbal rental pittsburghYou can feel free to mix and match whatever equipment that you need.  Many drummers will bring their own cymbals, so please check to see if you need them before making a reservation.