Fundraiser Sound Systems

Fundraiser Sound Systems

fundraisermusicOne of the best ways to enhance your fundraising event is to add music.  If you rent the right system, you can utilize both pre-recorded music as well as live bands.  Here are some things to consider for the audio portion of your fundraiser:

1.  Wireless microphones are great, if they work.  I was recently at an event (one that we didn’t provide sound for) and the wireless microphone was tuned to the same channel as the local firefighters.  Every few minutes, we would hear firefighters talking to one another about the emergency that they were dealing with.  The system that they were using had a fixed frequency.  There was no way to adjust to an area that the emergency responders weren’t using.  Cheaper wireless systems are set to a single frequency.  If it works, you’ll never know the difference.  However with the amount of electronic equipment out there (especially in busy urban areas) chances are that someone else is going to be interfering with your signal.  The wireless systems that we use have the option to select from close to 1000 different frequencies.  We guarantee that you will find an open channel with the gear from Pittsburgh Sound Rental!

2.  Ease of operation is paramount for these types of events.  In most cases, the person who is responsible for the sound system is not a trained audio engineer.  While we can provide the complicated systems for advanced users, we make it a point to match an appropriate system with the person who is going to be using it.

3.  Customer service is important when you are at your event.  Most companies will be very nice to you, right up until you walk out the door and they have their payment.  At Pittsburgh Sound Rental, you have the owners personal cell phone number provided with every rental.  If you have a problem, he is going to make it right or walk you through the troubleshooting effort.  There’s no buck to pass here!

4.  Louder isn’t always better.  You might be tempted to rent the biggest system that your budget will allow and then crank up the volume.  Sometimes a smaller system with more strategically placed speakers (4 to 8 speakers around the room for example) will allow you to have a more even volume level and provide for a comfortable experience for all your guests.  This type of setup is ideal when your guests will want to talk to each other while music is playing.  If you aren’t putting on a concert, don’t rent a system meant for live rock bands.