HDTV Rental

HDTV Rental

hdtv rental pittsburghHDTV Rental

Sometimes the best way to display your content is by a large screen television display.  The HDTV rentals from Pittsburgh Sound Rental are the perfect solution to your display needs.  We offer several different sizes of HDTVs in our rental fleet and can supply almost any configuration you desire.  We have three different mounting options regardless of the size screen that you would like.

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Desk Stand Mount HDTV Rental

This is the standard mount that comes with most HDTV’s and is perfect for placing on a table or sturdy shelf.

Tripod Stand Mount HDTV Rental

If space is at a premium or you need to mount a television higher than a desktop stand will allow, you should consider a tripod mounted HDTV.  The tripod mount is vertically adjustable so that your display can be seen over the crowds.  This is also a popular solution for trade shows where every inch of table space is at a premium.  Displays that are mounted high above the table will draw a crowd and set you apart from the other vendors.

Truss Mounted HDTV Rental

For the ultimate is stability and flexible placement, a truss mounted HDTV is without equal.  Another benefit to the truss system is that you have built in cable management through the center of the truss sections.  No more worries about someone tripping over a cord and knocking the display signal out!