House Show Sound Systems

House Show Sound Systems

pittsburgh house showSo You Are Thinking About Hosting A House Show?

A popular trend among emerging musicians (as well as some famous ones who want a change from the big production grind) is a house show tour.  This is where the artist will play a show at a very small venue – many times it is at someones house – hence the name.  You think, I’ve got a house, I have friends who will come and I’ve found a cool act that is interested.  Now how do I make sure that people can hear the music?

Unless you are going to make your home into a permanent concert venue, you probably won’t want to invest in thousands of dollars worth of sound equipment for a single performance.  That’s where Pittsburgh Sound Rental comes into the picture.  We can provide you with an appropriate sized rental PA system to make the overall experience much better.

What Do You Need To Host A House Show?

  • Find an artist that is open to the idea.  A Google search for something like “house show in Pittsburgh” will give you an idea of some past shows, as well as some performers who are planning to come through the area.
  • Find a good venue.  If you have a nice sized house and are willing to open it up for an evening, that is perfect.  A big backyard is a plus especially if the weather cooperates – you can host an awesome outdoor concert for the whole neighborhood.  If your house isn’t right, there are many locations that will jump at the chance to have a small concert.  Check with your favorite coffee shop or small restaurant.  They love to get people in the door, and a concert is a great way for them to sell some food.
  • Get in touch with us.  Tell us about your venue and what type of band you are hosting.  Many times, we will just get in contact with the artist directly and make sure that the system is exactly what they would like.
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