Karaoke System Rental

Karaoke System Rental

pittsburgh karaoke rentalPittsburgh Sound Rental is proud to announce the availability of our new karaoke machine rentals!  If you are having a party or event where you want people to have a great time, there is nothing better than karaoke.  You don’t need to be able to sing well, just be willing to try to have a blast!  We can customize a system for your event – perfect for groups from 10 to 1000.  Here is what we include with all of our karaoke machine rentals:

  • Professional Sound System – mixer, amplifier, and speakers.  You will feel like you are a real rock star when you sing on our amazing rental systems.
  • Microphones – as many as you need.  We recommend 3 or 4 for most rental customers.  Some shy people who won’t sing alone are more than willing in a group setting!
  • Laptop computer with specialized karaoke software
  • Our library of 10,000+ of the best karaoke songs

Our karaoke systems are not just one trick ponies.  You are getting a complete sound system that you can use for almost any purpose.  These systems are appropriate for disc jockey (music) applications if you don’t want to just do karaoke.  You can also use them for speeches – perhaps you are having a corporate event where the boss needs to give out some company awards before the party starts.  Whatever the situation, we will custom build a rental package to meet your requirements.

We have battery powered systems for locations that were previously unavailable for karaoke.  Do you want to do karaoke at the beach?  Sure, no problem.  What about at a remote campsite?  Yep, we can do that.  What about just on the other side of your yard where there isn’t available electrical service?  Sure thing, lets sing there!

Karaoke Rental Pricing

Our systems vary in price based on your specific requirements.  A rental system that costs only $200 will meet the needs of most of our customers.  Give us a call at 412-315-8133 for a quick quote for your event.  Or if you prefer to email us, you can contact us via the button below.

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