Line Array Rental

Line Array Rental

line array rentalOur line array rentals are the perfect solution to your mid to large sized concert or outdoor festival.  We offer solutions that can be flown from your truss system or ground stacked depending on the venue and crowd size requirements.  Our line arrays are always delivered by Pittsburgh Sound Rental and we will assemble the equipment for you.

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When To Consider A Line Array Rental

Line array speakers excel in situations where the sound needs to be coming from a single location (the stage) and a large or widespread audience needs to hear the performance.  Everyone knows that there is a decrease of volume as you increase your distance from the speaker.  In a traditional speaker setup, this decrease is approximately -6dB every time you double the distance from the sound source.  A line array system is configured so that the decrease with a similar distance change is only -3dB.

What does all of this -3dB and -6dB stuff mean practically?

Although it appears to be a very similar reduction, -3dB and -6dB give wildly different results.  A traditional speaker setup (-6dB) means that the sound intensity will be 1/4 (25%)for ever doubling of the listeners distance.  If we have a hypothetical concert goer who is in the front row (10 feet from the audio source), they will hear a certain volume level.  Their less affluent friend who chose to sit 20 feet back will hear the front row sound intensity / 4 (25%).  Their even poorer friend who is 40 feet from the stage will hear the front row / 16 (6.25%).  The guy at the very back of the venue at 80 feet will hear the front row / 64 (1.5%).  In order to accommodate the back row, we need to have insane volume at the front.  Not a great situation.

Lets consider the line array system (-3dB).  This gives us a 1/2 factor for every doubling of the distance.  Now our friends hear 50%, 25% and 12.5% respectively.  You’ve effectively moved the back row 12x closer by choosing to use a line array over the traditional system.  This means that the volume at the stage won’t need to be so high.  You can use smaller amplifiers, less expensive cabling, and provide an overall more consistent sound throughout your venue.


If there is going to be a significant difference in the distance that people are located from the stage and you want to provide a more consistent experience, you should consider a line array rental from Pittsburgh Sound Rental.

If you have a smaller crowd size, a traditional speaker setup will be fine for your event.  Check out our other sound system rental packages!