Live Theater Sound Systems

Live Theater Sound Systems

theater sound systemAfter you have put in all of the effort to put together a great show, the last thing that you want is for no one to be able to hear it, or worse – to have a bad sound system.  It doesn’t matter how great your performance is if nobody can hear the actors.  We offer a full range of equipment that we will tailor to your exact requirements so that you can put on an amazing live theater production.

How Much Will This Cost Me?

Great question!  Theater productions vary so much that we can’t estimate pricing until we talk to you about your requirements.  Once we have an idea of what your system needs are, we will give you a quote.  All systems come with the required amplifiers, mixers, speakers, stands, cables and microphones along with easy to understand directions.  When you are ready to rent, or would just like to discuss your event with us – contact us here!

Isn’t It Hard To Setup and Operate a Sound System?

Absolutely not!  The setup is simple and we provide color coded cables with easy to read diagrams to assist you.  If you ever have a question, we are always a phone call away!  If you prefer to have us set up everything, one of our employees can be available to take care of all of the details.  The cost of delivery and setup is based on the distance from our facility and the amount of assistance you require.

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