QSC Powered Speakers Rental

QSC Powered Speakers Rental

K series rentalQSC manufactures some of the highest quality powered speakers available today.  We offer the entire lineup of QSC audio products for our rental customers.  For current pricing, please contact us via email or phone at 412-315-8133.

QSC Powered Speaker Rentals

QSC K8 Rental

The QSC K8 is the smallest and lightest in the K-series family.  It still packs a punch with the integrated 1000 watt amplifier.  This speaker is perfect for situations where you don’t need a large amount of bass or paired with a KSUB, you can create the perfect PA system for any event.  The K8 has the widest throw of the K-series with a coverage pattern of 105 degrees.

QSC K10 Rental

The QSC K10 is the middle sibling of the K-series.  It has a narrower coverage pattern at 90 degrees but houses the same 1000 watt amplifier.  The K10 can be utilized as a main speaker or as a floor monitor wedge.  This speaker has a better bass response than the K8, but any heavy bass applications will require a KSUB.

QSC K12 Rental

The QSC K12 is the largest of the K-series.  It features a 12″ main speaker and 1000 watts of amplification power.  The coverage pattern for the K12 is the narrowest at 75 degrees.  This speaker is perfect for narrower venues where you need to throw sound a long distance.

QSC Ksub Rental

The QSC Ksub is the perfect compliment to any of the K-series speakers.  If you need bass, you need a subwoofer.  The Ksub features another 1000 watt amplifier with dual 12″ woofers.  The Ksub comes on integrated casters for easy transportation.  You can even strap your other K-series speakers to the top to create the ultimate mobile sound rig!

QSC KLA12 Rental

The K-series powered line array is perfect for large events.  If you are planning a large concert or outdoor festival, a line array system is the industry standard solution.  The QSC KLA12 features the same K-series 1000 watt amplifier so that you have plenty of power.  The KLA12 is flyable with the SOLO Rigging System.  This system supports deployment without tools or external hardware.