Teleprompter Rental

Teleprompter Rental

teleprompter rental pittsburghTeleprompter Rental

If you are producing a video that includes a prepared speech, our video camera teleprompter rental service will allow even amateur presenters to give a polished performance.  For the more experienced person, a teleprompter rental will give them the confidence that they need to deliver a flawless presentation.  We have several teleprompter rental services for clients in the Pittsburgh region.

Do It Yourself Camera Teleprompter Rental

If you are a seasoned pro, and just need the specialized teleprompter equipment, you can just rent the hardware and get the job done yourself.  Let us know what type of video camera you will be using and we will confirm compatibility prior to your reservation.

Speech Teleprompter Service

If you need to give a prepared speech but need to have your notes with you, a speech teleprompter is your best option.  You get the exact same type of equipment used by politicians and business leaders to give their most important speeches.

 Full Service Teleprompter Rental

If you aren’t a professional videographer and need a video taken from concept to completion, we can do that too!  Our highly trained staff will make sure that you get exactly the results you are looking for.  We have a full videography studio at our offices as well as the ability to go on-site at your location.

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