Two Way Radio Rental

Two Way Radio Rental

two way radio rental pittsburghTwo Way Radio Rental

If you need to communicate quickly with a large group of people, a two way radio rental is the perfect solution.  Two way radios allow someone to quickly and simultaneously broadcast their message to multiple people spread out over a wide distance.

Popular Two Way Radio Rental Applications

Theater Performances – there is no better way to coordinate the action behind the scenes than by outfitting your stage crew with two way radios.

Disaster Response – during a disaster, speed of communication matters.  The faster you can get your message across, the quicker the problems can be resolved.  Our radios don’t rely on the commercial cell towers or any other service that may be knocked out during a disaster scenario.

Event Staff – sometimes your crew is going to be spread out over a large area.  Two way radios allow instant communication and will allow your team to operate as if they were all in the same room.


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