Uplighting Rental

Uplighting Rental

uplighting rental pittsburghUplighting Rental in Pittsburgh

If you are trying to give an otherwise bland venue some extra style, the easiest way is with uplighting.  We offer easy to use, professional quality LED uplighting rentals to our clients all over the greater Pittsburgh region.  Uplighting will set the mood for your event from the very beginning.  When your guests arrive and see bright exciting colors, the guest will know to expect an outstanding evening.

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All of our LED lighting fixtures are able to be set to any color that you desire.  Perhaps you want to match the bridesmaids dress colors?  Or maybe it would look nice to coordinate with a favorite team’s colors – or maybe even your company colors for corporate events!  The possibilities are literally limitless.

All of our uplighting rental packages come with an easy to operate lighting controller.  This controller allows you to quickly set the perfect color for each uplighting fixture.  It is as easy as pushing a button with the color name on it!

For people who require more control over the exact shades of color, we offer DMX controllers with our lighting packages too.  If you want to use a professional controller, there is no additional charge, just let us know and we’ll include one.

We cater to the do it yourself crowd and will give you all the information that you need to properly light your event.  If you’d rather have someone from our team of professional lighting experts deliver and setup all of the fixtures, we are happy to offer that service as well.

Need More Information or Ready To Rent?  Call us at 412-315-8133 or contact us via email here!

Uplighting Rental Tips

What Type of Uplighting Fixtures Should I Use?

There are two types of uplighting fixtures that are commonly available for rental – LED and incandescent.  Incandescent fixtures use a filament based lightbulb similar to what you might have in your house.  (these are being phased out by the government as I write this).  If you’ve ever touched one of these lights after they’ve been on for a while you know that they get HOT.  Guess who likes to touch fun colored lights that are placed near the floor?  Yep, little kids are drawn to uplighting fixtures like a moth to a flame.  Do everyone a favor and go with LED lighting fixtures.  That’s all we offer here at Pittsburgh Sound Rental.

The other advantage to LED lighting is the ability to change colors via settings on the light fixture.  An incandescent fixture uses a colored film over the bulb (called a gel) to color the light.  If the gel doesn’t match your color, you’re out of luck.  This is another reason to go with LED based uplighting.

How Many Uplighting Fixtures Do I Need?

This is always determined by the size of the venue and the number of guests.  For most standard sized weddings (100-300 people), you will be very happy with 20 uplighting fixtures.  Larger events where you are using a bigger facility will require more fixtures for an even color presentation.  Give us a call at 412-315-8133 to discuss your venue and we can give you a better idea of the exact number of uplighting fixtures for your event.

What Are The Color Options?

Great question!  All of our LED uplighting fixtures are able to be programmed to almost any color.  Another thing that many people don’t realize is that you don’t have to stick to a single static color for the entire event.  Our lights can be placed into a mode that changes color automatically.  This can be a great effect if you are having a dance floor at your wedding, party or corporate event.

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