Wedding DJ Equipment Rental

Wedding DJ Equipment Rental

If you are getting married or are just looking for a short term Wedding DJ Equipment Rental, we are here to help.  We do hundreds of weddings each year and have the equipment and expertise to get you the right equipment at an affordable cost.  Our professional sound systems have been used throughout Pittsburgh, Eastern Ohio, West Virginia and beyond.

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What DJ Equipment Do I Need For A Wedding?

Speakers – This is by far the most important component in any sound system.  If you don’t have appropriately sized speakers, your sound quality is going to suffer.  Typical speaker sizes are 10″, 12″, 15″ and 18″.  For most weddings we provide at least one set of 15″ speakers.  These speakers provide excellent bass response for dance heavy music while still being light enough for one person to carry.  If you decide to go with a smaller speaker size, you might want to consider adding a subwoofer to your speaker setup in order to get that chest thumping bass from your dance music.

Amplifier and Mixer – If the speakers are the most important item for a wedding DJ, the amplifier is the most overrated and “hyped” component.  If you look at most DJ websites, they always seem to list the wattage of their systems in order to impress uninformed consumers.  The various amplifier manufacturers play games with this measurement and the ratings of most amplifiers can not be compared to each other.  One manufacturer will use one type of test to inflate the specs on their system and another will use a completely different test that makes their system look great.  At Pittsburgh Sound Rental, we use our vast experience to always provide an amplifier that will easily meet your volume requirements for your expected number of guests.

Microphones – Wireless microphones are nice if your budget will allow them.  We also have tons of people who just use a traditional wired microphone with a longer cord and nobody really notices the difference.  Just make sure that you are getting a high quality professional microphone and everyone knows to hold the microphone as close to their mouth as possible for the best sound.

 Speaker Stands – Don’t just put the speakers on a table.  You want to get them up above people’s heads so that the sound can travel throughout the venue.  A good quality speaker stand will allow you to raise your speakers safely up to 8-10 feet.  Just make sure that you have them setup on a level solid surface and that you do everything possible to prevent people bumping into the stands.

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