Wireless Microphone Rental

Wireless Microphone Rental

wireless microphone rental pittsburghWireless Microphone Rental

We offer the largest selection of wireless microphone rentals in the Pittsburgh region.  If you need to be heard and need to have the freedom to move around, you’ll want to have one of our wireless microphones.  Rent any number of wireless systems for your next event.

Ready to rent a wireless system?  Contact us today at 412-315-8133 or contact us via email here.  We can accommodate even the largest wireless microphone needs!

Our rental fleet of wireless microphones consists of three different configurations:

Handheld Wireless Microphones

These are perfect for musicians, best man speeches, making announcements, or anywhere else that you can use a traditional handheld microphone.  We offer high quality units from Sennheiser and Shure.

Headset Wireless Microphones

Hands free operation without any movement noise from clothing.  Headset wireless sets are the best choice for your live theater or musical event.  A Shure or Sennheiser transmitter and receiver with a Countryman headset is truly a state of the art wireless setup.

Lavalier Wireless Microphones

Easy to use and operate, the lavalier microphone is best for when you don’t want to be able to see the microphone.  A small lavalier microphone can be hidden in clothing and will capture great sound without unsightly distractions.

Wireless Microphones are a necessity for most disc jockey, live sound or theater productions today.  The expense of purchasing and maintaining enough to outfit your entire cast can be daunting for most ensembles.  Wireless microphones from Pittsburgh Sound Rental are an easy way to supplement your existing gear when the need arises.

Microphones are available on a limited basis during the busy high school musical seasons.  Book early for guaranteed availability!

Contact Us for Rental Information

Contact one of our team members at 412-315-8133 to discuss your event and we can put together the perfect package for you!