Battery Powered Sound System Rental

Battery Powered Sound System Rental

Battery Powered Sound SystemsSome events just aren’t suitable for a traditional “plug into the outlet” PA system.  If you are having a party at a park, wedding at the beach or just need to be heard in an electrically inconvenient location, we have battery powered sound systems available for rental.  There are plenty of great venues in Pittsburgh that don’t have power, but are perfect for your event.  We can fix that!

Our battery powered systems can be configured for crowds up to 200 people.  (For larger crowds, see below)  They feature a built in mixer with inputs for your iPod, computer, CD player, or any other music source.  It also can accept microphone inputs and musical instruments.  The mixer features built in digital effects so if your performance calls for a little bit of reverb, echo, chorus or flange, there is no reason to lug any extra gear with you.

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What Does My Battery Powered Sound System Rental Come With?

One battery powered speaker with built in mixer (events up to 100 people)

For larger events, a second speaker can be added to the rental (events up to 200 people)

Up to three hand held microphones

Speaker stand(s)

Microphone Stand(s)

All the necessary cables, and adapters

My Event Is For More Than 200 People Without Electricity!

So you are having a large event without electricity?  You really aren’t making things easy are you?  In these situations, the only option is to use a generator to provide electricity to a traditional sound system.  We have generators for all of our systems available, and we can add one onto any of our rental options.  Give us a call at 412-315-8133 and tell us about your event and we will make sure that you have the perfect system for your specific situation.