Fog Machine Rental

Fog Machine Rental

fog machine rental pittsburghFog Machine Rentals in Pittsburgh

We rent professional grade high output fog machines for any application where you need fog.  Our fog machines are rated for continuous use, and can be setup to provide the exact level of fog coverage that you desire.


Our fog machine package consists of everything that you need:

  • A professional fog machine
  • Fog machine fluid (quantity based on rental length)
  • Any venue specific mounting requirements

All of our equipment can be powered by standard household electrical outlets.

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Popular uses for Fog Machines

Live Band Performances – a properly configured fog machine will provide the atmospherics that you are looking for.  Regardless of what type of music you play, there is always a use for a fog machine.

Disc Jockey Shows – coupled with an appropriate lighting package, our fog machines create amazing effects.  Lasers and other standard lighting effects are multiplied when you have a nice thick fog covering on the floor.

Parties – Halloween is definitely the most popular fog machine holiday, but our programmable controlled fog machines allow us to dial in exactly the amount of fog you want.  This allows you to tastefully utilize fog in almost any setting!

Zombie Events – For some reason, zombies are popular right now.  Pittsburgh is the birthplace of zombies (our office is located 1 mile from the birthplace of zombies – Monroeville Mall) and we are happy to help you with your zombie event!

Paintball or Airsoft Battles – if you want to make your paintball or airsoft event more realistic, adding some fog to the battleground can simulate the effects of explosions and give the participants additional options for concealing their position.

Dance Parties – this is by far our most popular rental reason!  We know that fog can turn an otherwise bland venue into an amazing experience.  Give us a call and we will set you up with a great fog and lighting package to make your dance unforgettable.