Public Speaking Sound System Rental Equipment

Public Speaking Sound System Rental Equipment

These sound systems are perfect for events such as outdoor weddings, conferences, business meetings, and other general public speaking events.  Each system is also configured to play music – just bring your own iPod, laptop computer or other audio source.  You can use the same equipment for the ceremony and the reception for our wedding clients.

How Much Will This Cost Me?

For the vast majority of our customers, a rental system that costs only $150 will be perfect for your event.  The basic system will cover the needs of up to 300 guests.  If you are planning on more than that, we can upgrade the equipment to cover any size crowd.  All systems come with the required amplifiers, mixers, speakers, stands, cables and microphones along with easy to understand directions.  When you are ready to rent, or would just like to discuss your event with us – contact us here!

Isn’t It Hard To Setup and Operate a Sound System?

Absolutely not!  Pittsburgh Sound Rental offers easy to operate professional equipment that you will simply connect to your iPod or laptop computer to provide music for your guests all night long.  You get to select the music that fits your taste and can avoid anything that might make you or your guests uncomfortable.  One of the other benefits that many people appreciate is the ability to control the volume of the music to suit the tastes of your guests.

The setup is simple and we provide color coded cables with easy to read diagrams to assist you.  If you ever have a question, we are always a phone call away!  If you prefer to have us set up everything, one of our employees can be available to take care of all of the details.  The cost of delivery and setup is based on the distance from our facility and the amount of assistance you require.

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