Church Sound System Installation

Church Sound System Installation

church sound system installation pittsburghChurch Sound System Installation

Are you thinking about updating your church’s existing audio / visual system?  If so, we can help.  We offer expert assistance to churches ranging from consultation so that you can do it yourself to full blown installation.  Most importantly, we offer complete and thorough training after the fact so that your staff and volunteer crew can confidently and correctly operate the system on a weekly basis.

In our opinion, the best sound system for a church is the one that nobody notices.  This certainly doesn’t mean that they can’t hear everything – it just means that there aren’t any distractions from the system.  It is transparent to the worshipers because it is easy for the (generally volunteer) staff to operate.

We will work with your staff to design a system that meets your needs and simplifies the worship process.  We are also experts at working within your budget to get an appropriate solution.

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When we visit a Pittsburgh area church to complete a site survey for a sound system installation, the existing sound systems generally fall into one of three categories:

1.  Functional but dated

In this situation, you are still able to operate with your existing equipment, but components are beginning to break.  You are at the end of life for most of the equipment and there isn’t a guarantee that it is going to work from week to week.  We can bring your system up to date within your budget to meet your congregations needs and desires.

2.  Overly complicated for the volunteer staff

This is all too common in the churches that we visit.  Generally someone who “knew what they were doing” set up a system that it takes a degree in audio engineering to properly operate.  If that person isn’t there, good luck getting things started on Sunday morning.  We know that you don’t need the capabilities of Heinz Hall for your weekly worship and activities – and we don’t overcomplicate things for you.  For almost all of our customers, the most important part of the system is ease of use.  We design systems with a rotating volunteer staff of audio operators in mind.  Easy to read and complete checklists along with color coded connections are a few of the ways that we make things foolproof for a rookie operator at the controls.

3.  Non-functional or not appropriate for the current application

If it is broken, clearly you are going to need to replace your system.  More often than not, we see systems that are simply outdated.  Most churches would like to record their audio for podcasting purposes.  In the 1980’s people who were installing systems weren’t really thinking about recording to a computer and uploading the sermons to internet based podcasting sites.  Many worship spaces utilize projectors and lighting equipment.  Is your entire system able to be controlled from a central location?  Whatever your requirements, we can install a system that will be easy to use and will meet all of your unique needs.

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