Generator Rental

Generator Rental

Pittsburgh Generator RentalPittsburgh Generator Rentals

We offer generator rentals any event in the greater Pittsburgh region.  Our generators are perfect when a dedicated electrical supply is either too far away or just unreliable.  With one of our units, you can rest assured that you will have a dependable source of electricity for as long as you need it!

We offer quiet running inverter generators that utilize 4-stroke engines.  This means that you don’t have to worry about mixing gas and oil.  Any gas station will have exactly what you need to keep the generator running.  The other advantage to this type of generator is that they are much quieter than a traditional generator.  If you are hosting an event where you don’t really want a noisy generator to be the “background music”, you should rent one from us.

If you are ready to rent a generator, please either give us a call at 412-315-8133 or contact us via email here.

We rent generators in two different ways.  You can rent the generator alone and use it to provide power to whatever equipment you want (as long as you stay within the electrical ratings of the unit) or you can rent it along with one of our sound system packages for a turnkey solution to your remote event problem.

If you need to have a sound system in a remote location, our generators can easily provide power for those types of events.